We enter into the therapeutic space with varying cause; dealing with traumatic events, some wanting change, seeking self-growth, maybe advice on life choices, or looking for professional help during crisis. Are you feeling stuck in your career? Do you find yourself longing for something different, hoping for more? Are you feeling numb or indifferent in areas that you used to feel good about? Do you have relationship concerns? Is your employer, workplace or relationships pointing out areas of existential crisis? Worried about the future and if things will change? Often, crisis in one area reveals issues in the other aspects of life. This could be within relationships, your career, areas of spirituality, and in family. If you find yourself lost in transition, looking for answers, feel stuck, and wondering about significant themes in your life, this space is for you. 

Our therapeutic work offers a space to process who we are, how we live, and the impact this has on you and those around you. Our present is an echo of our past. I believe these decisions stem from our narratives. Bringing awareness to present circumstances, we can work together to create a new prospective and outcomes with evidence-based methods that work. More importantly, a different way of engaging with our daily and longterm issues around relationships, vocation, spirituality, or family. The work we will do is not simply to work towards improvement, to actually experience a difference, and experience growth. Change IS possible. 

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